weight loss programs for women

6 Weight Loss Programs for Women That Work

Weight loss programs for women may be slightly different from those programs for men.

Men generally depend more on physical exercises while women are better in planning their meals and physical exercises in a balanced way.

They are more creative in varying the foods to eat, thus avoiding the feeling of boredom with the diet programs.

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Women tend to be more patient in preparing their diet menu.

It is not surprising that more women share their success stories in shedding many pounds of weight than men.

Do you want to lose some pounds also?

…There are many diet weight loss programs to do.

The following are some of them…

6 Popular Weight Loss Programs for Women

1. Low-Carb Weight Loss Programs

Studies show that low-carb diet programs tend to be more effective than low-fat diet, and many dieters reported so.

If you want to get rid the excess pound off your body, you can begin with low-carb foods. First of all, look at your current meal patterns.

Identify high-carb foods that are responsible for the weight gain.

Foods to remove from your menu list include: rice, sweet bread, sugary cereals, cakes and cookies, sugary fruit jams, preserves and canned foods, sugary drinks and fruit juices with added sugar, refined potato product fried foods, and many more.

The next step is planning the low-carb meal replacement.

Of course, your body needs energy to do daily activities.

You can find fulfilling foods that contain fewer carbohydrates.

Doing low-carb diet does not mean that you can only consume lean meats and protein shakes.

Your need different menus to provide your body with adequate nutrition.

The following are some of the options:

  • Greek yogurt; this food is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Every serving (container) of Greek yogurt contains only 6 grams.
  • Cottage cheese; it also has high protein contain. Every cup of cottage cheese provides you with 25 grams of protein and only 8 grams of carbohydrates.
  • Eggs; they can be prepared in so many ways. Eggs are rick in protein with carbohydrate content of only 0.6 grams per egg.
  • Salmon; this kind of fish is always a part of weight loss diet plans, particularly for those who want to keep their heart healthy, thanks for the rich contents of Omega 3. Every serving of salmon contains zero carbohydrates.
  • Cauliflower; this is one of favorite veggies that can replace rice, potatoes, and bread. It is fulfilling while delivering only 5 grams of carbohydrates per cup.
  • Mushrooms; their benefits include lowering cholesterol level and keeping your heart healthy. Mushrooms can be prepared into various menu and offer only 3 grams of carb per cup.
  • Zucchini; if you love pasta, this is a healthier substitute. It can be spiralized or cut into zucchini noodle, or zoodles. It contains much fewer carb than pasta, with only 3.5 grams per cup.

2. The Vegan Diet

This is one of the most popular weight loss programs for women in the world.

Many people have reported success with it.

Therefore, vegan diet is still popular among athletes and even celebrities.

This type of diet program eliminates animal-based foods and focuses on plant-based foods, which are healthier and more environmental sustainable.

Vegan diets are different from low-carb diets.

The former depends more upon plant-based menu, while the latter combines plant-based and animal-based foods as long as they contain few carbohydrates.

Reasons for doing vegan diets vary with dieters.

Some do it because of environmental and animal right motivation, while others do it for health reasons and personal preference.

Women that have higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, cancer, and heart disease can consider this type of diet.

However, planning the meals require extra attention, since you have to make sure that the foods provide the nutrients, which are also provided by animal products.

In addition, changing the current meal pattern can be challenging.

3. The Vegetarian Diet

This diet program is similar with Vegetarian Diet in other aspects.

In both cases, the dieters consume mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

However, they are different in some aspects.

Vegetarian dieters still consume eggs and low-fat dairy products.

On other hand, vegan dieters completely avoid animal-based foods and dairy products.

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The following are some tips that may help you in doing vegan or vegetarian diets:

  • Change the meal pattern in a gradual way; you can eliminate the animal-based foods one by one, instead of at once. This way, your body has time to adjust to the new eating pattern.
  • Make sure that the selected foods provide adequate nutrients. For instance, you can replace meats by consuming legumes, soy products, seeds.

Look for the reference of foods, which are rich in calcium, vitamin D, iron, Omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin B12.

These nutrients are usually available in animal products.

However, you can also get them from plant-based products.

4. Raw-Food Diet

This type of weight loss programs for women is based upon the idea that cooking process can destroy the nutrients and natural enzymes in the food ingredient.

Enzymes are important to boost digestion and fight chronic diseases.

Therefore, eating them raw is one of the solutions to maintain the natural contents of the foods.

In raw food diet, you mostly eat grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, raw eggs, and fish.

Some fans choose raw food diet because it is believed to help relieving headache, allergies, diabetes, arthritis and boost immune system and memory.

The foods can be a little bit warm, but the heating process must not exceed 118 degrees.

In addition, the raw foods can be processed by using food processors, blenders, and dehydrators.

This type of diet can be a good choice, but you need to consider the following things before making a decision:

  • It requires high efforts. Firsty, you need to select the foods very carefully. This can be tricky. Planning meals that provide you with adequate nutrients must be done with care.
  • It is costlier than any other diet programs. You depend much upon organic foods, which are more expensive than ordinary food ingredients. Sometimes, you have to go to specialty grocery stores.
  • You have to wash the foods thoroughly to make sure that germs are removed perfectly. Raw food diets are frequently associated with food-borne illness. Care must be taken in handling foods like raspberries, sprout, green onions, and lettuce.
  • This type of diet is not recommended for pregnant women and senior, due to the risk of food poisoning.

5. Ketogenic Diet

This is also called keto diet, one of weight loss programs for women designed to encourage fat-burning process in your body.

This diet involves consuming very low-carb diet.

This diet makes the body serve as a fat-burning machine to make the weight loss process faster.

Ketogenic Diet has much potential for weight reduction, physical performance, and health.

As the name suggests, the diet aims at triggering ketosis process.

To do Ketogenic Diet and to make sure that your body gets optimum results, the following are some tips to do:

  • Reduce carbohydrate intakes to 20 grams per day. If possible, you can take less. For this, make sure to select the food ingredients carefully.
  • Get enough fat to keep your stomach full and feel satisfied. Find healthy sources of fats, such as avocado, salmon fish, banana, and many more.
  • Snacking habit is dangerous for your health and body. If you really want to make the diet program successful, make sure to avoid snacking unless you are really hungry. However, if you have to snack, choose fruits as the substitute.
  • Do intermittent fasting, if necessary.

6. Weight Watchers Diet

Unlike any other weight loss programs for women that depend upon calorie counting…

…Weight Watchers diet focuses on healthy living and behavioral changes.

It is designed to make you eat better, get physically more active, and shift your mindset.

When applied in a proper way, this diet enables you to drop up to 2 pounds per week.

The diet program emphasizes three aspects, namely eating healthier, fitness that suits your lifestyle, and learning techniques and skills to change your mindset about dieting.

During the program, you are guided with food plans, which are arranged based on gender, your current weights, height, age, and calorie needs.

There are thousands of recipes to choose.

Each comes with values to show how it suits your meal plan.

You can control the calorie intakes by means of a mobile app or desktop-based food database.

In the end, you have to prepare your body and mind to adjust to the weight loss process.

The results you will get with one of the weight loss programs for women above depend on your commitment.