weight loss exercises at home in 1 week

Weight Loss Exercises at Home in 1 Week Using Easy Way to Do

When you have to diet, you need to do weight loss exercises at home in 1 week because your body needs to move too in order to remove some fats inside your body.

If you don’t have much time to jog or even go to the fitness center, then your home can be a gym for you and no excuse to skip exercise because it can make you lose weight faster than just skip your meal or reduce the portion of your meal effectively to shape your body.

Weight Loss Exercises at Home in 1 Week Without Spending Much Time

Dieting is not only about eating habit but also your body movement.

Many people want to get the perfect body in short time or in a week but they don’t move at all.

You can’t reduce your weight with food only and you have to burn it all.

…The only way is doing weight loss exercises at home in 1 week.

You have no excuse anymore to skip your exercise if you can do it at home without spending much money to build your body.

You can say this is the simplest way to exercise and you can watch TV while doing it so you may not feel bored…and you can set the TV on exercise program or video so you can copy the movement from the TV and prepare the easy tools to support your home exercise.

Skipping is something easy and you can do it all day at your home.

You can do it at the backyard or your living room by sweeping away for a while your furniture so you don’t need to worry about your exercise anymore and you can move freely…it is entertaining also so you can get sweat but you will not feel tired faster.

You can do it while watching your favorite channel and you can lose fats especially in stomach and thighs.

Take your skipping rope and your clock…try jumping for 30 seconds and rest…jump again for 30 seconds and rest.

Another way, you can jump for 30 seconds and the next round, you may add again for 10 seconds or more so the longer it is the more intensive your skipping is.

You have to jump with both legs and sweat will come out easily from your body.

In order to do this skipping very well, you have to make your knees and back straight.

Many people say that this is a wonderful 5-minute fat burning exercise with small effort but huge result… you will get the best impact while doing it.

You can try it in the morning with your empty stomach because when you do it with a full tummy, it will give a bad impact.

However, it is better to drink 2 glasses of water before doing this workout so the water will flush all the toxins.

After five minutes, you can take a short break before continue and then you can do it again.

If you feel your legs are tired, you can stop exercising today.

Another exercise you can do is Superman pose.

If you have bad belly fat and you want to reduce it to make it flat, you can do this pose.

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This Superman method can reduce fats inside your belly, lower back, abs and thighs.

Prepare the mat on the floor so your training clothes are not dirty.

Turn around your body with your face to the ground.

Just stretch yourself onto the ground and your hand with legs keep straight just like the flying Superman.

You have to lift your chest slowly and thighs at the same time on the ground while keep your tummy balance on the floor…try to hold your pose about 30 seconds.

After that you can lift your body again for another 30 seconds and stop if you are tired.

However, for housewives, you have another better way to exercise without getting some tools and you can do it everyday.

In a week, you can see the result and you will not be disappointed anymore.

Cleaning the house is the best way for you to exercise because all parts of your body is moving.

You can move it all the way from arms, hands, legs, knees and many more.

While you sweep the floor, both hands are moving.

If you clean the house, your body will get sweat and the fat is burning inside it.

You just have to clean your house everyday so you can exercise too.

If you clean the house regularly, then your body will move regularly too.

If you don’t, you can’t exercise and your house is dirty.

You can do T extension with rotate pose…all your abdominal muscles will move.

You can begin the push up pose and try straightening your arms.

Those methods can be as helpful for you as your weight loss exercises at home in 1 week without going to the fitness center.

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