breathing exercises to lose belly fat

TOP 5 Breathing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Being fat is problematic in many ways. It is not only injurious to health but is physically irritating as well. It can get worst when fat is collected at a particular part of the body specially belly. Many people are facing a number of problems due to belly fat. It can cause many internal problems to person. Some people only have belly fat and to reduce it they have to pay heavy bills at gyms, do a lot of exercises and leave a lot of tasty food and starve to in order to do dieting. At times a person is too busy to do all these things because all of them are time-consuming. They also require a lot of hard work and devotion.

In this article, we will tell you easy breathing exercises that will lessen your belly fat within days. You can get rid of all the extra fat around your abdomen just by following these simple breathing exercises. Let’s have a look.

1. Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Yes, it’s as simple as it looks like. Deep breathing can be a very helpful exercise to lose belly fat. It is such a basic exercise that it is used in yoga too. All you need to do is take deep breaths for 15-20 minutes every day. Intake of oxygen is a way to burn down your extra calories and when you do deep breathing intake of oxygen increases.

It is also helpful in controlling your hormonal imbalance which causes stress and unnecessary hunger. Because when you are unnecessarily hungry you eat something which turns into fat. So, first of all, it controls your hunger.

To do this exercise you need to follow certain steps which are to sit straight on floor or on a chair with your back on the wall. Concentrate and meditate. Breathe normally for first 5 minutes and then start taking deep breaths. Count till four while inhaling and till 6 while exhaling. We guarantee you that you will feel fresh and less stressed after this exercise and your belly fat will gradually decreased.

2. Belly Breathing

This is one of the best yoga exercises to lose belly fat. Why so? Because it focuses on the diaphragm and the muscles located below the lungs. This exercise is mainly used to boost up energy and increase the stamina. It is also helpful in anxiety issues. Now, how is it done? It can be done in any position. Either sitting, standing or lying straight. First of all, calm down and forget everything that is happening around. Now after this place your hand on your belly in such a way that your thumb is near your belly button. Now breathe deeply and keep it in mind that your chest should not rise.

3. Mouth Breathing

Mouth Breathing

When you breathe with your mouth it puts a pressure on your belly and muscles and then leaves you fresh and relaxed which automatically causes a decrease in your belly fat. In addition to it also tones up your face and cheeks. It can also be done in any position like the above one. You can do it while sitting, standing or lying down. Open your mouth and inhale while counting from one to ten. All you should keep in mind is that your exhalation should be of more time than your inhalation. Do this exercise slowly and thrice a day. You will see a visible difference.

4. Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

This exercise is done when you have to lose your belly fat fast and rapidly. What you need to do for abdominal breathing is that take a pillow and put it on the floor, kneel down on the pillow. Now close your eyes and relax. After counting to 10 start exhaling. Count to 5 while exhaling and hold your breath for 2 seconds until your stomach starts feeling empty. Then inhale. Do this process ten times every day.

5. Toning of your tummy

Toning is necessary to get a flat stomach. In order to do it what you have to do is lie down on the floor in such a position that your knees are folded upward and your feet touch the ground. Pull your stomach inside as much as possible and breath. Breathe as deep as possible. In order to make it easier place your hand on your stomach so you can feel the contraction of your abdomen. Hold on into this exact position for ten seconds and the breath out slowly. It can also be done by standing next to a wall. You can also do it while sitting if you find it easy that way. This exercise will give you a flat and toned tummy.

These were the five easy exercises to get a flat belly. Keep one thing in mind you need to focus on overcoming the shortness of breath because all these exercises are done with deep breaths. Do these exercises regularly and enjoy a good health and best look. Also, you can wear the clothes of your choice because you have all the rights to look best. We wish you a very good luck with these exercises. Happy reading!

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