Why proper sleep is the most important thing for weight loss

Why Proper Sleep is The Most Important Thing for Weight Loss?

Yes! You heard it right. Your sleep has a biggest impact on your weight and if you are struggling for a healthy weight loss then put everything aside and enjoy a calm, sound sleep.

Apart from using the tazo tea or prescript assist supplements for weight loss, you should also focus on the sleep patterns to maintain a perfect, ideal weight.

You must be thinking how can sleep effect your body or dietary habits? Then have a look below!

1. Less sleep, Less energy:

If you sleep less than seven hours a night, then it’s something to worry about. Due to lack of sleep you’ll feel tired the whole day. And the fatigue wouldn’t be something surprising.

  • Less energy, No exercise:

You wouldn’t be able to do any physical activity, if you are sleep deprived. The exhaustion would be enough to keep you laying on the couch and be lazy, the entire day. But no worries, by getting more sleep, your athletic performance would be improved, and your gym time would also be increased.

Less sleep, Less energy

2. Decrease in sleep, Increase in appetite:

The body contains several hormones that are closely related to your appetite. These include leptin, ghrelin and cortisol.

  • When stomach is empty, ghrelin sends hunger signals in the brain whereas, leptin suppresses this hunger. So when the body is deprived of sleep than more ghrelin and less leptin is secreted, making a person to eat more food thus increasing the appetite.
  • In addition to this, Cortisol is released when you get in adequate sleep. It is a stress hormone and also increases the appetite.

3. Poor sleep makes you weak enough to fight the cravings:

When you are sleep deprived, your frontal lobe of the brain performs dull activity. This frontal lobe is actually in charge of self-control and making decisions. Due to lack of sleep, it gets harder for it to make healthy choices and to resist tempting foods.

  • This leads to the poor food choices, and the calorie intake is also doubled.
  • Short sleep increases the stress that also leads to unhealthy eating habits.

Poor sleep makes you weak enough to fight the cravings

4. Decrease in resting metabolic rate:

RMR (resting metabolic rate) is the number of calories that your body burns when completely at rest. Deprivation in sleep may lower the RMR and so decreasing the number of calories burnt. You can used different teas or hot coffee to increase your metabolism to burn more calories like tazo tea etc

  • In addition to this, muscle loss also occurs. Muscle burns more calories than fat, at rest. So due to poor sleep, more muscle is lost, decreasing the RMR.

5. More poor sleep, More insulin resistant:

Cells become insulin resistant, due to poor sleep.

  • Insulin is a hormone that transports sugar from bloodstream into the body cells. More insulin is produced when cells become insulin resistant, as more sugar stays in the blood stream.
  • Due to the excess of insulin, you get hungrier and it orders the body to store more calories. That means, just a few nights of inadequate sleep can make your cells insulin resistant and you may gain weight or get type 2 diabetes.

6. Changes in dietary habits:

Lack of sleep leads to increased:

  • Energy-dense, high-carbohydrate foods,
  • Late night snacking,
  • Twice as much fats than normal sleepers,
  • Bigger portions of all foods,
  • Increase in sugars, fats, and refined products.

7. Higher Body mass index:

Poor sleep leads to higher body mass index and obesity. This leads to further decrease in quality sleep. Many sleep disorders like apnea or insomnia are further worsened due to the weight gain.

8. You feel fuller for longer:

By having a good night’s sleep, you can keep a check on your dietary intake because if not then there will be an imbalance of the hormones, causing you to eat more and get fat. By getting a rest, we’ll feel hungry only when it’s the right time.

9. Body stores calories as fat:

Poor sleep makes more insulin and cortisol. There higher levels order the body to store calories, usually in abdomen.

Body stores calories as fat

10. Poor sleep, slows the metabolism of body:

The process of converting calories into energy is known as metabolism. Poor sleep decreases the effectiveness of metabolism which leads to energy un-expended, thus storing as fat.

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