losing weight during pregnancy

What No One Tells You About Losing Weight During Pregnancy

Although maintaining weight is the last thing on our minds during pregnancy, study suggests that having a healthy weight at this point is actually more beneficial than we thought.

Having an ideal weight during pregnancy can prevent neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain caused by the weight of the growing baby.

Overall, to prevent all sorts of pain during pregnancy, maintaining a fit body is essential.

1. Aim to Maintain an Ideal Weight

Researched the ideal weight according to your height and daily habits? There is nothing wrong with trying to be physically fit while you’re pregnant.

You can’t prevent some areas of your body parts from inflating since that’s what’s natural when you have another life growing inside of you.

Some areas such as your arms, face, and belly will continue to store fat but can vary for different body types.

2. Control Your Fat Craving

I understand. Pregnancy comes with crazy hormones and crazier food cravings.

But in order to maintain an ideal weight, you must control some of your sweet cravings. Yes, even when you’re pregnant!

It’s said that we are what we eat. Therefore, minimize your daily fat consumption to ensure neither your baby nor you develop obesity issues.

3. List What You Can Eat and Cannot

Have this list attached to your fridge or somewhere common so you come across it from time to time. Memory loss is a common occurrence during pregnancy.

Pregnant moms, don’t skip carbohydrates. You must take in an adequate portion of carbohydrates daily in the form of rice, bread, and cereal so on.

Also, never miss out on vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. This supplies all the necessary vitamins to you and your child.

Other than maintaining an ideal weight, try investing some time to sustain healthy skin. Add zinc to your diet, which is found in nuts and fishes, to prevent stretch marks in different parts of your body.

4. Hydrate Yourself

Most pregnant women avoid this to escape going to the washroom every two minutes, but that is no excuse to not drink an adequate amount of water on a daily basis.

To prevent obesity and stretch marks in the long run, you must consume more than 72 ounces of water every day. This necessary hydration will nourish your’s and the baby’s skin smoothing out possible stretch marks.

On a side note, consumption of coffee, tea, and artificial juices can have the opposite effect and dehydrate you and your baby. Herbal teas are quite healthy, detoxifying and nourishing though.

5. Daily Prenatal Vitamins

Though some people may be taking vitamins and minerals into their body in the form of organic vegetation and food available at the supermarket, just to be on the safe side, you must take prenatal vitamins.

Sometimes we don’t get all the necessary nutrients supplied to our body through what we consume during our meals, which is why we need to rely on medicinal replacements.

Some minerals such as folic acid and iron are hard to get from natural supplies of vitamins, so take prenatal vitamins to compensate for the nutritional gap in you and your baby’s body.

On the other hand, calcium and iodine can be found easily from dairy products and salt.

6. Get Plenty of Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause both obesity and anorexia. To avoid both, you must sleep for 10 hours every day during pregnancy, preferably with a pregnancy pillow.

Your baby feels everything you feel when it’s inside you. If you’re stressed or exhausted, they can feel it.

When you’re asleep, you are relaxed and free of anxiety, which helps your baby to unwind as well.

Whenever you’re down for emotional reasons, try sleeping and you’ll be minimizing the impact of your mood on your baby.

7. Workout, Lightly!

You have to be careful when you’re working out, to not hurt your baby. Avoid working out around the stomach region.

You can work your arms and legs every day and that’s okay. To stretch your body, try some easy yoga moves suitable for pregnant women. Meditate regularly to keep your emotions in check. Avoid running.

Take a walk in the sun. The fresh air and movements will circulate more blood in your systems, reducing obesity. Sunbathing is important for your baby to grow healthy bones and skin.

Exercise can control pregnancy pain to a great extent. Daily workouts, lightly around the shoulders, neck, and back can reduce this pain to a significant level.

In Conclusion

First of all, there is nothing wrong wanting to be fit when you have another life inside of you. Many regular people, other than celebrities, also workout during pregnancy.

Losing baby weight after giving birth can be a long and daunting process. To make the process as easy as possible, it’s okay to stick to a certain nutritional diet, exercise regime, yoga, and meditation while carrying your baby.

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