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4 Things You Need to Know Before Trying the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has been a trend for years and has been proven to make many overweight people finally succeed in losing weight.

By definition, The Ketogenic Diet or The Keto Diet is a diet method that requires an individual to reduce carbohydrate intake significantly and replace it with fat.

This significant reduction in carbohydrates forces your body to enter the “Ketosis mode”…

…which makes your body’s metabolism very efficient at burning fat to be converted into energy and also convert fat into ketones in the liver.

The ketones will then supply energy for the brain.

In short, The Keto Diet will cause blood sugar and insulin levels to decrease in very large amounts.

This, along with the increasing number of ketones in the liver, has many health benefits which ultimately lead to weight loss.

In a study involving 20 obese patients for 4 months and published on February 2017 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that those who run the Keto Diet lose large amounts of fat without losing their muscle and strength.

According to the explanation above, it sounds very promising to start your weight loss program with Ketogenic Diet, and right now, maybe you are thinking about giving Keto a try right?

But before that, it would be good to know about the following five things about the Keto Diet.

1. Don’t make mistakes as many people do

The main goal of the Keto Diet is to get the body into a Ketosis state and maintain it.

Ketosis will only occur when there is a high carbohydrate food that lack of sugar circulating in the blood, which forces the body to break down stored fat to be converted into energy.

In practice, many people make mistakes!

They don’t limit their carbohydrates as recommended so they never reach ketosis.

According to most experts, to reach ketosis, you need to consume at most 5 to 10 percent of your calories from carbohydrates.

2. You will crave carbs, but you have to fight it

At some point, you will really want to eat high-carbohydrate foods such as bagels and cookies.

If this happens you don’t need to be surprised, because our bodies have evolved to use carbs as an energy source…

…and for that, the body tries to get us out of a ketosis state.

You have to fight the cravings if you want to succeed in losing weight.

3. Fiber has a very important role

According to UCSF, fiber is important for the health of the digestive system and has many other health benefits.

Meanwhile, the Ketogenic Diet as we know tends to reduce the intake of fiber in our body and certainly, this is bad news.

The point is, if you lack too much fiber, in the short term it will cause constipation, in the long term, it will increase the risk of diverticular disease and can reduce the number of beneficial gut bacteria.

But don’t worry, because many diet experts said that getting enough fiber intake on a Keto Diet is very possible, just consumption of foods that are low in carbs and high in fiber such as non-starchy veggies, nuts, and avocado.

4. Don’t be too strict on food

When talking about weight loss, people will think that it is related to a list of foods that may and may not be consumed.

On the Keto Diet, high-fat and protein-based foods are considered good, while any foods that contain more than a few grams of carbohydrates are considered bad.

Shana Spence, MS, a nutritionist from Brooklyn, said that those who classify food into “good” and “bad” categories will believe that they will succeed in losing weight depending on the food they consume.

So, when you want certain food but this food falls into the bad category of your food list, this will make you desperate for the Ketogenic Diet.

So, instead of grouping foods into “good” and “bad”, it’s wise to assume that certain foods are only healthier or less healthy.

Eating a bagel is certainly not good when you take a diet program to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s really bad.

It’s just don’t do it too often, rather than trying to leave it altogether which can make you give up on your diet program.

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