cold coffee for weight loss

Is Cold Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a crucial part of everyone’s mindset right now as obesity is at an all-time high. Many deadly health problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, Kidney problems and overall physical condition of the body depends upon the weight of a person and whether or not they are willing to change their condition can be a life saver or a fatality.

In any weight loss programs, weight loss can be achieved through extensive health and physical exercises, gym sessions and many sorts of running and cardio routines. But also, it can be achieved or can be controlled through something that is pretty natural and in-routine right now in our daily lives i.e. Coffee.

Whether it’s a hot brew or a cold brew coffee, it can help you in controlling weight or even lose weight. Both the types are helpful in this regard but no proper conclusive studies have shown if one is considerably better than the other. Take a Look at what cold brew coffee has in store for us regarding health.

Cold Brew Coffee and Health

What could be the complications in regard to health?

According to various researches on coffee, we know that many of the powerful compounds survive the brewing process which explains the connection between coffee and a long life. However, this research is mostly focused on hot coffee, not its cold alternative.

This concludes that we don’t know much about the winner in this argument, whether the cold version is better or the hot one is. But we can look for clues scanning the given patterns and find out.

Lower acidity

  • While the relation between acidity and the body is debatable, decreased acidity might be good for health.
  • ​Decreased acidity can be helpful for anyone who can’t drink regular coffee in the fear that it’ll upset their stomach.


  • Hot coffee is often enjoyed with additions, such as sugar, creamer or milk. These calories can add up quickly, especially if you consume multiple cups of coffee in a day.
  • In comparison, cold coffee is served as soon as it’s done and without additional ingredients mixed in it because it lets you savor the flavor. Plus, the lower levels of acidity don’t want you make many sweeteners in it anyways.

Other health benefits of cold coffee are

  • Coffee also provides the body with the antioxidants that the body needs to function. Cold coffee has no heat involved in the preparation process but it still contains antioxidants like chlorogenic acid which the body used to fight off disease and the aging process.
  • Also, it has shown to affect the generation of LDL cholesterol which is the type of cholesterol that builds up in the blood vessels and causes narrowing and decreasing the blood flow around the body.
  • Also, in regular coffee contains caffeine about 40 milligrams per 100 grams of coffee which is a staggering 20 milligrams less than your normal coffee from the coffee shop. Sure many people drink coffee for the adrenaline rush and its ability to wake them up but the people who just want to enjoy the beverage without that rush should turn over to cold coffee because its more suited to their coffee needs.
  • Lastly there is an improved control of Gastric acid secretion in this brew which helps in controlling acid reflux.

Which is better? Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee?

Hot and Cold coffee are very similar to each other and choosing between the both of them comes to personal choice at the end of the day. These choices can be made on the basis of seasons too, after all, cold coffee is a great replacement to hot coffee in the middle of the summer season but it won’t be much appealing in the winter.

As of right now, we don’t know the implications of cold coffee on health but we will and we will also find the hidden advantages of cold coffee on health. But until then, the preference really comes down to a personal one.

With that in mind, it’s worth trying cold brew at least once, even if the idea sounds unappealing. The approach does result in a considerably different flavor and many people love it even though they didn’t expect to.

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