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I Want to Lose Weight Fast: Here Are 7 Tips That Really Work

I want to lose weight fast without suffering…is it possible?

…the answer is YES.

Losing weight can be a hard task if you think and treat it that way.

On the other hand, it can be an enjoyable thing if you know how to enjoy it.

There is no guarantee that well-planned diet program will work.

Mostly, too ambitious diet programs end up with failure, as they make you hungry and eventually give up.

Sometimes, even simple tips may work, as you do the weight loss program in a stress-free way.

Dieting is not about neither strict rules nor nonnegotiable schedule.

Instead, it is about willpower and commitment.

Nobody or nothing prohibits you from eating high-calorie foods, but the willpower will make you willing to minimize, if not avoid, such foods.

A diet program should not be painful and exhausting; instead, it should be enjoyable.

The following are some painless tips to lose weight fast.

I Want to Lose Weight Fast: 7 Simple and Painless Tips

Stash fruit for snacking time

Do you like snacking?

…many people do.

But, what snacks do you enjoy everyday?

…chocolate, sweets, or cookies are tasty during the snack time, but they will only add your calorie build-up.

It is not to say that you need to skip snacking time.

Rather, replacing your snacks with fruit slices will be much healthier.

Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, natural sugars, and soluble fibers, which provide you will longer satiety and prevent from food cravings.

So, make sure to stock fresh fruits, such as berries, mango, banana, apples, or many other fruits in your refrigerator.

Furthermore, Snacking at work may cause significant weight gain.

You can hardly trace how many calories you have taken if you are snacking while typing.

Keep fruits in your lunch box when you are at work.

You can grab them anytime you need to eat something.

Bring different fruits every day to avoid boredom as well as to supply your body with different vitamins, mineral, and fibers.

Packed with essential nutrients, fruits will keep you full until the lunchtime.

Write off liquid calories from your daily menu

Sweetened beverages, such as sweetened juice, soft drinks, lemonade, cocktail, sweetened coffee and tea, soda, or wine, have been linked to weight gain in many studies.

Therefore, if you still say “I want to lose weight fast in a healthy way”, then review your daily menu and write off high-calorie beverages from it.

Sweetened beverages are rich in calorie but poor in nutrients, as they contain added sugar.

They may lead to weight gain and even obesity.

Research found that liquid calories are even more dangerous than solid calories.

Liquid calories come in undetected way and invisible on the radar screen.

However, the impacts on health and weight are terrible.

Unlike solid calories that are easy to detect from the feeling of fullness, liquid calories are stealth.

They are linked to elevated calorie build-up and weight gain as well as increased risk of diabetes mellitus and heart attack.

Combine Weight Loss Supplement with Exercises

Do you consider taking lose weight fast pills to realize your target more quickly.

It is fine, as long as you combine them with regular exercises.

Supplements come in various forms, such as pills or tablet and serves differently, for instance, as appetite trapper, fat burner, or stimulant.

Make sure to consult your physician before buying a supplement.

This is particularly true for those with certain health problems.

Substances in the supplement may interact with certain medications.

In addition, it is important to learn the ingredients used to formulate the supplements.

In general, the commercially available supplements contain garcinia cambogia extract, caffeine, glucomannan, orlistat, hydroxycut, meratrim, and some other substances.

You can find information on how the ingredients work and how they may affect your diet and health in general.

Get Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is very important for weight management and hormone balance.

Sleep affects hormones that control that control how your body stores and burn fats and how your body maintains muscles.

If you are committed to the statement, “I want to lose weight fast,” make sure to have at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. It is just like nutrition for your brain.

When your brain does not have enough ‘nutrition,’ it will react adversely.

Lack of sleep affects hunger hormones, namely ghrelin.

The hormones work by signaling your brain that it is the time to eat.

Then, if you do not have adequate sleep, you will feel hungry easier.

On the other hand, adequate sleep affects fullness hormones, called leptin.

The hormone signals your brain that you have enough foods, thus minimizing the need to eat more food.

Inadequate sleep leads to dramatic decrease of leptin and increase of ghrelin.

This combination results in food cravings, which may lead to food binge.

If you have a problem with night sleep, you begin by setting a bedtime alarm.

Make sure to stick to your bedtime schedule.

This way, your body will be ‘programmed’ to get sleepy at the same time every night.

Drink fruit infused water

Hydration is important to keep your metabolism stable.

However, many people say that they do not like drinking water.

If you are one of them, then this tip is for you.

Fruit or vegetable infused water benefits you in many ways.

Firstly, fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, which also get into the water during the infusion process.

Secondly, drinking infused water is more enjoyable as it is tastier, due to the fruit taste.

This way, you will be motivated to drink more water.

You can make infuse water from various fruits and veggies, such as berries, lemon, watermelon, or cucumber.

Make it tastier by squeezing mint leaves and let it overnight.

Enjoy the freshness in the morning.

Consume more plant-based ingredients

Dietitians suggest consuming more plant-based food ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables.

General recommendation is that at least 80% of your foods should be from ingredients that grow, while no more than 20% of them from things that walk.

What does it mean for those with “i want to lose weight fast” program?

…cut back on meat.

It is true that meat is a complete source of protein.

It is rich in essential amino acids, which are important building blocks for muscle and skin.

It is also an excellent source of vitamins, particularly vitamin B, minerals, zinc, iron, and phosphorous.

However, meat is always linked to its rich fat, cholesterol, and sodium contents.

It is rich in saturated fats and cholesterol, which may lead to increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, such as atherosclerosis and heart attack.

Carnitine, which is found in red meat, is reportedly related to hardening of blood vessels.

Meat is also rich in sodium, which is linked to increased risk for high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure.

So, make sure to choose plant-based protein sources, such as nuts and soybean.

Deal with food cravings in a positive way

It may be hard to avoid food cravings particularly in times, when you usually enjoy snacks.

However, food cravings usually pass within about ten minutes.

You can deal with them in various ways, for instance:

  • Distract yourself during this critical time by doing things, which you enjoy, such as chatting on social media, calling your friends, painting your nails, walking, drawing, meditating, and so on.
  • Blogging is another way to deal with food cravings. Share your experience and achievement with others and get supporters. When you share your program and target, it will be harder for you to quit, since you know other people support you and even want to be like you.
  • Drink water. Sometimes, thirst is falsely interpreted as hunger. Drink water and if you fill full after it, then you are not hungry, actually.
  • Think of the sweets and high-calorie foods in a different way. Do not imagine how delicious the chocolate or cookies are; instead, imagine how they could lead to increased blood sugar level.

Those are seven tips to lose weight fast without making you suffer from extreme program.

The point is…enjoy your diet program and make it an integral part of your lifestyle.

Do not call it a “weight loss diet”, instead call it a “new, better lifestyle”.

This way, you can enjoy it, and anything you do to realize your goal for the statement “I want to lose weight fast” will be fun.

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