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I Need to Lose Weight Fast: 7 Important Things to Consider

I need to lose weight fast…may be the first statement you make when you feel that it is time to shed several pounds.

The need to lose weight may come because of health and beauty reasons.

However, the former should be your first priority, since obesity is highly linked to various health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases.

Then, beauty comes itself when you shed the excess pounds and get an ideal shape.

When you say that you need to lose weight fast, you need to consider several aspects that may affect the success of your diet program.

Take a moment to review your eating and exercise habits to know the real problems with your lifestyle.

This can be the point, where you can start planning the weight loss program.

I Need to Lose Weight Fast: 7 Things to Keep in Mind

What Foods to Eat

You can lose 10 pounds fast when you choose the right foods and eating plan.

Foods recommended for your program are discussed extensively in many health posts.

The most important recommendations include high-fiber foods, particularly those with soluble fiber.

They are proven to provide long-lasting satiety and healthier digestive system.

Consider adding flaxseed or nuts, like almonds, onto your vegetable salad.

Protein-rich foods are another recommendation to help avoid food craving and snacking.

Give more priority on plant-based proteins, such as soya, oatmeal, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice and oats are recommended, since they are digested more slowly, just keeping you full longer.

Instead, include water-based veggies, such as spinach, cucumber, and asparagus, as well as high-potassium fruits, such as oranges, and bananas.

These foods are important to purge retained water, which may be responsible for weight gain.

What Foods to Avoid

While you are recommended to consume certain foods, you also need to avoid certain foods that can make your weight loss program fail.

There are many foods in this category.

To make your “I need to lose weight fast” commitment successful, make sure to avoid foods classified as high calorie and zero-nutrient.

High calorie foods include foods and drinks with added sugar, white bread, pasta, candy bars, pastries, cakes, sauces, cookies, ice cream, French Fries, fruit juices with added sugar, and white grain products, such as spaghetti, white rice, and sandwich rolls.

Zero nutrient foods include fast foods, alcoholic drinks, soda drinks, and processed foods.

Furthermore, to keep “I need to lose weight fast” program on track, make sure to reduce consumption of foods that may lead to bloating and gassiness.

They include onions, broccoli, and peppers.

Habits to Develop

There are several habits to develop if you want to lose weight fast.

They are important to keep you on track when you have achieved the target.

Keep in mind that a good weight loss program must include realistic goal, nutritionally balanced diet plan with reduced calorie intake, and regular physical activities.

Besides planning your meals for balanced diet and having regular physical exercises, make sure to develop the following habits:

  • Shop with a full belly. Going to a grocery store when you are hungry encourages you to buy more foods. On the other hand, a full belly discourages you from eating sweet foods, fast foods, and processed foods.
  • Have breakfast. This is the first and most important meal during the day. Skipping breakfast may lead to food binge at lunchtime. In addition, breakfast is important to maintain metabolism for the rest of the day.
  • Use a smaller plate but bigger fork. This may sound counterintuitive, but many dieters recommend it. A small plate discourages you to have a big meal as it will easily looks full, thus discouraging you to add more. In addition, a bigger fork encourages makes a larger dent in the food. This is the cue for you to stop eating.
  • Eating while seated in the dining room. This habit helps you enjoy the meals consciously. You can easily forget the calorie counts of the foods when you eat while standing or walking.
  • Eat home-cooked foods. This allows you to track the calories in the ingredients and chose ones that benefit for your ‘I need to lose weight fast’ targets. On the other hand, restaurant-cooked foods are mostly loaded with extra calories, which come in various names, such as sugars, fats, flavor enhancers, such as sauces, ketchup, MSG, and so on.
  • Brush your teeth earlier before going to bed. This prevents you from eating additional foods, as eating means brushing your teeth again.

Habits to Forget

Besides developing the above-mentioned habits, you need to avoid certain habits that can derail your weight loss program.

Here are some of them:

  • Eating foods out of the packages. This makes it difficult for you to track how much food that have gone into your belly. Then, you will regret it after the package is empty.
  • Eating foods while doing something. What comes into your mind while watching TV? The answers may be popcorns, chocolate, cookies, or cakes, right? Eating while watching something in front of you or while talking with friends can serious derail your efforts to lose weight.
  • Dining out. You may do this with family or friends. Remember that even a single cut back influences your diet in a significant way. When dining in a restaurant, you can easily pick foods and beverages even though you are not hungry.
  • Nibbling here and there. This is a serious danger, particularly in women who are on a diet. You can easily nibble small bites while cooking. However, the small bites matter very much as they can pile up your calorie intake in an unconscious way.

Counting That Matters

In dieting, counting matters very much.

Even a single overeating can seriously affect your weight loss; a small weight loss can significantly affect your health; a single dining out can seriously derail your diet program; but a single exercise can positively affect your metabolism.

Those are all about counting.

The following are some important counts you need to consider to begin ‘I need to lose weight fast’ program:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI). It indicates your body fat and shows whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese. BMI is important to set your goal and plan your daily calorie intake and exercises. You can use an online BMI calculator to get the baseline of your status.
  • Calorie counts. Everybody has different daily calorie needs. Therefore, calorie counts of the foods you eat matter most. Use web-based or mobile-based app to score your calorie intake and physical activity. Alternatively, you can use a diet journal to record the foods you consume on a day.
  • Nutrition counts. A healthy weight loss program must include nutritionally balanced diet. You need carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibers, and even healthy cholesterol to maintain health.

Counting That Does not Matter

Diet is not all about counting.

It is true that you need to track your daily calorie intake to help losing some pounds, but it is not to say that you keep counting all the day.

So, when do you not need to count?

Here are some of the answers:

  • Physical exercises. Dietitians say that calories that you burn while exercising is not more important that calories you burn after it. After exercises, your metabolism runs in an optimum way, thus making calorie burning faster. Therefore, the effects of half-an-hour exercises are for a whole day.
  • Number of mealtime. Dietitians suggest that calories do matter, but not the frequencies of meals. It does not matter whether you consume the 2000 daily calorie needs in a single meal or you take them in five or six smaller meals. The point is that you take 2000 calories on a day.

What Matters Most

It is true that longer calories do matter, but it is not everything.

Take a look at the following cases!

  • You eat a plate of fast foods with ice cream and hamburger, which may provide you with almost 1.200 calories in a single meal. Do you feel full? YES. Are they healthy? Not necessarily.
  • You eat a plate of gel without added sugar. It may provide you with fewer than 150 calories. Do you feel full? YES. Is it healthy? Not necessarily.
  • You eat a plate of brown rice with boiled tofu and a cup of vegetable. These may provide you with around 300 or 400 calories. Do you feel full? YES. Are they healthy? Of course.

In conclusion, balance and health are the keys to success in losing weight.

Counting calories is important, but having nutritionally balanced diet is more important.

Zero-calorie foods may help in losing weight, but health is more important than shape.

These two elements will keep your “I need to lose weight fast” program on the right track.

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