how to lose belly fat without exercise and pills

How to Lose Belly Fat without Exercise and Pills Instantly

So many people especially women ask about how to lose belly fat without exercise and pills which are dangerous for their health?

As you know that nothing is easy in this world and reducing weight faster is not only a dream of yours.

All men and women want to have a good, proportional and slim body but you have to put some effort in order to achieve your dream and be discipline on your diet plan.

How to Lose Belly Fat without Exercise and Pills in a Week

No one wants to have belly fat because it is not sexy at all especially for women because they need to be selective in searching and selecting clothes to wear so they can cover the belly.

They want to diet but they don’t want to do something hard like exercising.

They also don’t want to take any pills because they realize the danger of diet pills for their health.

They want something natural with no hard work at all.

Perhaps, some people might think it is impossible for you to gain that without something you have to offer in return.

However, many people have proved that!

They can reduce their weight without hard work and what they need to do is being discipline to their plan and never break the rules.

You can try simple recipe like drinking a cup of green tea with lemon juice everyday.

You can say this is liquid diet using herbal tea.

Who doesn’t know green tea which is improved as the one of natural ingredients for diet.

Liquid diet like this can detoxify your body from toxin and fats because the function is like cleanser.

It can melt your fats around belly since inside green tea, you can find lots of antioxidants there which are best for you and your health as well.

While drinking a cup of green tea using lemon squish, you can gain also other benefits aside from weight loss.

Green tea can fight free radical and lose the risk of cancer inside your body.

…it means you can have double benefits.

However, though you drink green tea everyday as your best way on how to lose belly fat without exercise and pills, if you don’t control your appetite on eating, it means nothing.

If you don’t exercise, at least you need to keep your weight in another way which is eating plan.

A cup of green tea can’t help you in burning all fats inside your belly without the right control.

You can’t eat in the ordinary way just like before but you have to make another plan on this.

You can try detox diet as your meal.

What is detox diet?

Instead of eating something full of fats, you need to get rid all of them.

Detox diet only contain water but it is not ordinary water, vegetables and fruits.

But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need fats or protein at all.

…it is just you have to make those foods are the main stars.

For instance, you like Caesar’s Salad and inside that, you find chicken as the main ingredient on your salad.

Instead of showing that the chicken is the main star, you can add more vegetables with less sauce on it.

You can replace the sauce and reduce something that can make you fat.

You need to do something like that when it comes to eat.

However, go back to the detox diet, your meal will contain mainly on something green and fresh.

You can blend together your vegetables and also fruits…it will flush out all your toxin inside and in a week, you can see the result.

However, not many people can do this detox diet and some of them fail right away.

They fail after having detox diet in day one.

It is hard since you have to leave something you like but just for a while.

If you want to reduce your weight faster, then you need to leave your favorite hell foods.

On the first day you will always feel hungry and there are so much temptation around you.

After that, you really want to break the rule.

But try not to do it because it will not last forever.
After this torture in eating something clean like this, you can go back to your daily meal but with control.

You will not be bored about doing this detox diet because you can search for more recipes so you can have different various detox meals.

If you don’t want to get hungry, you can have some healthy snacks you can make.

You can eat nuts, you can eat healthy hummus dipping sauce.

Instead of using chips, you can replace it with vegetables like carrots, beans and something crunchy.

The important thing on how to lose belly fat without exercise and pills is never break the rules…because once you break the rules, you need start it over.

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