best way to lose weight quickly

Best Way to Lose Weight Quickly with Lifestyle Change

Best way to lose weight quickly may not be as simple as you imagine.

However, losing weight may not be so difficult as long as you do the right diet program.

Many people are so obsessed with the fats under skin, which do not look pleasant.

However, they forget the belly fats, which actually lead to more serious problems, such as abdominal obesity.

How do you know if you have abdominal obesity?

…it is easy to know.

Just measure your waistline using a simple tape measure.

Men are said to have abdominal obesity if the waistline is above 102 cm (40 inches), while women are said to have it if the waistline is above 88 cm (35 inches).

Now, if you find that you have this belly fat problem, what should you do?

Best Way to Lose Weight Quickly and Effectively

If you want to shed excess belly fat, the first thing you should do is evaluating your eating habit.

Track the foods you eat everyday.

If you suspect or find that the abdominal obesity is resulting from your eating habit, it is the time to make significant modification in your diet.

Make sure to set a rational target of weight loss.

Too obsessive targets will lead to frustration, since you can hardly achieve them.

The following are things you can do as the best way to lose weight from stomach.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Beverages

Studies found that sugary foods and beverages are the first to blame when it comes to abdominal obesity.

Added sugar is particularly unhealthy as it may adversely affect your metabolic health.

Many studies have found that added sugar is primarily responsible for harmful effects on health.

It increases liver fats and belly facts, which lead to various metabolic problems as well as insulin resistance.

When you consume much sugar, the liver will turn it into fats, which then accumulate in the belly.

The result is predictable…


Constant weight gain results in obesity.

Another best way to lose weight quickly is by reducing liquid sugar consumption in a significant way.

Liquid sugar is even more dangerous for your health.

It is found in sugar-sweetened beverages, sweetened sport drinks, and even fruit juice with added sugar.

Studies also found that sugar-sweetened beverages account for almost 60% of obesity in kids.

However, the case is different for whole fruit juice without added sugar.

Even though it tastes sweet, it is rich in dietary fibers that balance out the harmful effects of fructose in sugary foods.

In conclusion, excess sugar in refined or liquid form is the primary cause of fat accumulation in the belly.

Consume More Proteins

When it comes to weight loss programs, protein is a must-have item in your daily menu.

It is the most important micronutrients to facilitate weight loss process.

Proteins are rich in dietary fibers, which are linked to longer satiety.

They prevent food cravings by almost 60%. Proteins also boost metabolic process and facilitate fat burning process.

Furthermore, eating proteins helps you avoid re-gaining weight you have reached the target.

Studies found that protein is adversely related to fat accumulation.

The more you eat protein, fruits, and vegetables, the less the fat in your belly.

On the other hand, the more you eat oils and refined carbs, the more the fats in accumulated in your belly.

Therefore, make sure to include high-protein foods in your daily menu.

They include eggs, seafood, nuts, fish, meat, dairy products, legumes, and whole grains.

Reduce Carbohydrate Intake Significantly

As mentioned above, along with oils, carbohydrate is responsible for fat accumulation in your belly.

If you want to shed some pounds from your belly area, then restrict your carbohydrate intake.

Studies even found that low-carb diets were more effective than low-fat diets, since the former also leads to significant reduction of water weight.

You can see the results within just few days.

Furthermore, low-carb diets are more effective since they target the fats around the belly and the liver.

They promote removal of dangerous fats and prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Refined carbs are found in pastas, white breads, and many more.

Make sure to stay away from high-carb diets for faster result of weight loss.

Consume Fiber-Rich Foods

Dietary fibers are important for weight loss program, as they provide you with longer satiety.

They are the most indigestible plant matter.

However, it must be noted that not all dietary fibers are equal.

If you want to lose weight, you need to increase the intake of soluble and viscous fibers, as they bind water and form gel that slows the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

In addition, soluble fibers slow food movement through the stomach and small bowel.

As a result, you will feel full longer, thus reducing your appetite for a big meal.

Research found that an additional 14 grams of dietary fibers a day is linked to 2 kg of weight loss in 4 months.

That is why soluble fibers are particularly important to reduce belly fats.

Therefore, make sure to include fiber-rich foods in your daily diet menu.

They include foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, as well as cereals like oat.

Consuming fiber supplement may help.

However, make sure to consult your dietitian or physician, particularly if you have certain diseases or if you are taking certain medications.

Have Regular Exercises

No diet program is really effective without physical exercises.

Being physically active is important to boost metabolism and promote fat burning process.

Having exercises is one of the best things you can if you want to live longer.

Exercises help your body fight against various diseases.

However, it is not to say that you have to do vigorous or extreme exercises.

All you need to do is doing moderate but regular exercises.

Research shows that aerobic exercises, such as walking, swimming, jogging, and running are effective to reduce belly fats.

Exercises are even more important after weight loss if you want to maintain your weight in a healthy way.

They minimize the risk for developing metabolic diseases and inflammation as well as maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

Drink more water

If you want to have the best way to lose weight quickly from abdominal area, then drinking more water is one of the answers.

Hydration is important to boost and maintain metabolic process, which is related to fat burning process.

The Food and Nutrition Board recommends drinking 91 ounces of water a day for women and 125 ounces a day for men, from all sources.

They include water, beverages, and high-water content foods.

When it comes to diet program, the best source of body hydration is water…it is zero calorie!

It is recommended that a dieter take at least 8 cups of water alone for a day.

However, the exact fluid needs depend upon your physical activity, diet pattern, and climate.

Drinking a cup of non-sugar tea of coffee may be recommend, but make sure to avoid sweetened beverages or fruit juices with added sugar.

Track Your Daily Calorie Intake

If you want to be successful with your diet program, make sure that you know exactly what you are eating.

The main key to success in a weight loss program is balanced diet.

For example, when you have a low-carb diet, it does not mean that you avoid all kinds of carbohydrates.

They are actually important to provide you with energy.

The point is that choose carbohydrate sources with lower glycemic index.

The same case applies for low-fat diets. No dietitian suggests avoiding all kinds of fat.

Your body needs fats, but make sure to consume healthy fats, such as nuts, fruits, and fishes.

Therefore, tracking what you eat is important.

You may use a web-based or phone-based app that tracks calorie and nutrient contents of the food you eat.

Some apps such as calorie calculator are available for free.

Make sure to learn how the app works to help determine your daily calorie needs and calculate daily calorie intake.

Those are some things, which you need to do for a successful diet program.

The most important point is doing the weight loss program on the right track.

Do not make yourself suffer from a too-tight program.

Give your body ‘room’ for one cheat day in a week, in which you can consume your favorite foods in a moderate.

This way, you can avoid from food binge.

In conclusion, the best way to lose weight quickly is doing it slowly but consistently.

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