The 6 Best Low-Carb Keto-Friendly Veggies

Vegetables are an essential part of any diet but they are especially important when it comes to keto.

They will also help to ensure that you are getting as much fiber as you need despite the fact that you’re avoiding things like bread and potatoes as much as you can.

There are a ton of low-carb vegetable options out there that you should be aware of.

You should familiarize yourself with as many of these as you can and their individual benefits and functions in your body so that there can be a wide variety of different keto-friendly meals that you can prepare.

They’re also microwave-friendly and there’s no excuse for not trying practical quick meals and trying out their effects on our bodies!

Here’s a guide to the best low-carb veggies we chose for you today:


Not only does Kale have just 3 grams of carbs per cup and is high in numerous vitamins including A, C and K, it’s also one of the few vegetables out there which is actually an excellent source of protein.

Sometimes it can be tough to work protein in when trying to maintain ketosis but kale should help.

It’s known for being flavourful and diverse too, and it works well with a number of different foods.

You can include it in an omelette, you can make soup or a salad and kale chips are a popular choice too. 

It’s also something that you can grow yourself if you were interested in doing a bit of gardening.

Having your own vegetable garden is beneficial for a keto diet because it gives you plenty of control over how your vegetables are taken care of. 

And kale is notoriously easy to grow and to harvest. 


I’m sure that the word broccoli brings back some not so pleasant memories.

No matter what your feelings on them are now, broccoli is a generally unpopular veggie among children. And there’s a little bit of science behind that.

It doesn’t mean that there was anything wrong with a child’s taste buds, it’s usually just a consequence of our genetics or maybe even our personal experiences with food.

But our parents were right to try and encourage us towards broccoli.

Broccoli has hardly any carbs whatsoever, just 4 grams per cup but is packed with fiber and vitamins and will provide a good chunk of your recommended daily allowance of iron and potassium too.

It’s well-worth acclimating yourself to the taste. 


Is there any vegetable more synonymous with keto than asparagus?

Once again, the main reason why this is on the list is because it has roughly 2 grams of carbs per cup of the stuff which makes it ideal.

One of the primary advantages of asparagus outside of the low-carbs is the presence of folic acid.

This is sometimes a tough one to work into your diet because you won’t find it everywhere but it’s important.

It helps in the development of new cells, primarily red blood cells which are important if you want to prevent conditions such as anemia. 


For zucchini, we’re looking at just about 3 grams per cup and an absolute ton of minerals and vitamins. You can get more than 10% of your RDI for magnesium, potassium and vitamin C as well as almost half for Vitamin A.

Something that’s very popular among keto dieters in regards to zucchini is the fact that it can be utilized as a substitute for pasta.

I know that sounds nuts but it’s the ideal vegetable for you to spiralize in order to replicate the shape and texture of spaghetti. Give it a try!

Pasta is something a lot of us miss when we switch to Keto but you don’t necessarily have to lose it if you can discover the potential of zucchini. 


This is probably the least exciting vegetable on this list but arguably the most keto-friendly with just 1.5 grams per cup.

Cauliflower isn’t known for much aside from being extremely bland, but you can play around with it. 

Much like zucchinis, you can adapt cauliflower into a substitute for something that you’re missing out on when you adopt a keto diet. It’s actually a great vegetable to make rice out of.

Also, one serving gives you 100% of your RDI for Vitamin C so it’s basically a must-have.


That’s right, one of the earliest progenitors of the ketogenic diet was none other than our old pal Popeye.

Okay so I’m not sure if ketosis was what made Popeye so strong or if his can of spinach was just a not-so-subtle metaphor for steroids…

…but either way, spinach is effective, one of the lowest carb options on the list with just  2.5 grams per cup it’s also high in iron and vitamin A.

It’s not exactly the most flavourful vegetable out there but it’s inoffensive and you can add it to numerous other meals without negatively affecting the taste. 

Of course, there are a few more worth mentioning.

You’ve also got cabbage, bell peppers, brussel sprouts and avocados (though some will argue that last one’s status as a vegetable) but these are some of the most beneficial.

If you can find ways to adapt each of these vegetables into a number of different dishes that are to your liking then you should never run out of keto-friendly meals.

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